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The Hunt for the Best Burger! Our Top 3 around Seattle

Cascading Deliciousness of Meat and Cheese!

It is a really tough job but someone had to do it. We sent one of our team members around Seattle in search of their favorite burgers. The sacrifices that chef had to make like, Cheese, Bacon, or Plain and to create their Standard to judge everything against.

We chose to just go with a simple Cheeseburger.


First, we had to decide what makes a good burger, and quite frankly that was easy for us… The Meat and Seasoning. Our theory is the more crap you cover it with, the less artistry truly went into making it taste right. So for us on this judging point it became solely about the patty. Essentially if it had more than the Patty, Bun, Burger Mirepoix (Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle) and Cheese, we had to eat it for fun but not for judging (told you, rough life). Basically how did the patty taste on its’ own. Would we make the trek just for the patty?

Next it becomes about the bun. Is it Crisp or Soggy, Plain or covered in Seeds, and ‘can it stand on its’ own?’ The last part of that is one of our favorite questions because if something can’t stand on its’ own, then what is it really doing to help the dish. We do not believe on adding things to explain or create Value, but rather add Value and explain nothing. It makes life simpler. So basically, we asked “would we pay for just the bun?”

Finally, say cheese! This was fairly simple, how did it taste, and was it melted or just slapped on at the end without a care? Simple yet makes a huge impact on how the burger is received.

Without further delay, here are our Top 3 Burgers – All ended up being on the Southside of Seattle. The location on this list didn’t really matter much as all 3 are places to become regulars at. We tried all the places (even the ones that didn’t make the Top 3) several times to make sure the experience was consistent.

1) Pit Stop Taproom & Pub – Located at 216 SW 153rd St. in Burien. Wide open place, Lots of Taps and probably one of the best Meat Blends this side of the Rockies. If you love yourself then go with the Best Damn Cheeseburger. It is a hug wrapped in a bun! Bring quarters for the Pinball. Personal Fan of their Jalapeno Burger. Between the Meat Blend and the Chilis, I get misty just remembering it.

2) Loretta’s Northwesterner – Located at 8617 14th Ave S, in Southpark. This place was fantastic! Simple done extremely well and cold beer to match. A few Tavern Burgers and you’re experiencing bliss. Sort of like a neighborhood lodge with a patio. Low key, great staff and the music was perfect for bar stool dancing (our new Olympic sport).

3) Zippy’s Giant Burgers – Located at 9614 14th Ave SW, in White Center. Zip Burger or Zip Royale will put a little lift in your loafers, however if you are really adventurous try the No 11. Not sweating spicy but an enjoyable kick that makes you want to order a second to experience it again. Also, bring quarters for the Pinball and stay awhile.

If you have a place you recommend Put it in the Comments Below or shoot us an Email @ and tell us why you like it.

“Everything in excess! To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks.”

- Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

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